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Why Choose FUE in NYC?

A follicular unit extraction hair transplant outshines the
traditional FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) in many ways. Nicknamed the “strip
method,” this older technique is responsible for the long scalp scars you may
have seen when searching for hair transplant before and after photos.

FUE involves removing and relocating individual follicles with
a tiny punch device. The carefully controlled equipment makes a small hole, removing
hair and roots together as a delicate unit, one at a time.

FUE is often compared with FUT. The latter method uses a
long strip of scalp tissue taken from the back or sides of the head, then the
surgeon dissects multiple hair follicle grafts and implants them where needed. 

What Are The Reasons for Hair Loss?

Thinning, shedding hair is termed, alopecia. It’s a common
problem, but not always straightforward. That’s because contributing factors
for alopecia are varied and not all are permanent. Androgenic alopecia refers
to genetically related hair loss which 70% of males and up to 50% of females
experience. This is often called “pattern baldness” and it tends to be

Other reasons for hair thinning may be health-related.
Telogen effluvium can result in temporary shedding after a period of prolonged
illness, stress or a shock to your system. Vitamin deficiencies, thyroid dysfunction or anemia have been linked to hair loss in women as well. Medications may carry side effects that include hair loss, and hormonal shifts during pregnancy or menopause are culprits too.

Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic personalizes our
consultation approach for each client to identify concerns, determine causes
for hair loss, and offer the best hair transplant procedure options for their
unique goals. The cure for balding no longer requires complex operations but an efficient, in-office surgical procedure. Discover what’s causing your hair loss when you book a personal consultation with Dr. Gartner. 

Best FUE Hair Transplant In NYC

Dr. Michael Gartner ranks as a #1 Plastic Surgeon in NYC and NJ by RateMDs. He’s also a renowned innovator in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery worldwide.

Together with his expert hair transplant team, he offers the most advanced FUE technology available for dramatic transformations. 

Dr. Gartner is one of the few global leaders providing the HARRTS advanced robotic hair transplant experience. It’s minimally invasive, provides fast recovery and leaves no visible scars. 

Find out what makes Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic a trusted destination for hair restoration. Call to book your personalized information session today! 


Our state-of-the-art New Jersey hair transplant center in New Jersey welcomes you to share your hair goals, your questions, and receive an overview of the best hair transplant solutions available today. During your consultation, you’ll be asked about your health history and hair loss experience to plan your best approach. You will gain vital information, including an explanation of the recommended procedure and what to expect from recovery. Photographs will be taken to plan and track your results. We’ll also provide you with a personalized quote based on your hair transplant method and the volume of follicles to be transferred. 

In New York and New Jersey, efficient, precision hair transplants are done during a single, in-office procedure. Restoring a head of hair takes roughly 5 hours in the comfort of our office, not an impersonal operating room. We invite you to visit our learning centre for detailed hair loss and hair transplant information. You can also call or write to us with your questions and take the first exciting step on your hair restoration journey. We look forward to meeting you! 



Up to ⅔ of men report thinning or balding hair before the age of 50. It’s no wonder so many people seek hair transplant solutions. The good news is thick, healthy-looking hair can be restored in many cases, and you may be able to ditch the hairpieces, cover-ups and hair growth medications.
The first step is to find out if you are a candidate for the advanced FUE hair transplant procedure.

Dr. Gartner’s consultation process identifies the pattern and extent of balding for each client. Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss and is permanent. Women experience female pattern baldness due to hormonal influences as well, but the pattern and severity is more diffused and spread out over the scalp for most females.  

Men are usually better candidates for hair transplant surgery for this reason. It is generally easier to transplant follicle grafts where bald areas are clearly visible, and when the back and sides of the head show dense, thick growth. However, if a woman has a receding hairline or thinning at her crown, she may be just as suitable for a transplant.


Other types of permanent hair loss such as “scarring alopecia” occur when inflammation or hair follicle scarring prevents new hairs from growing. Medical conditions such as lupus can cause extensive skin inflammation. 

Likewise, baldness from burns or scalp trauma can respond well to FUE hair transplants, as long as there is enough suitable donor hair growing. The HARRTS hair loss system successfully replaces growing hair in the eyebrows and beard as well. 

Excessive hair pulling and tension may lead to traction alopecia. In cases where hair loss is permanent, FUE may be an ideal solution. 

Ethnicity factors help hair transplant surgeons select candidates for FUE in NYC. That is because they take into account whether a patient’s hair is thin and straight, coarse, curly or kinked. Usually, those with European ethnicity have the most hair follicles. Asians and then African-Americans follow with less density. The number of your hair follicles in a scalp area will play an important role when determining how many grafts can be harvested for your transplant.



An ideal candidate for FUE hair transplant has experienced hair loss for at least 5 years. This procedure is not generally recommended for young people whose hair shedding process hasn’t slowed or stopped. That’s because follicle grafts could be incorrectly distributed on the head as future balding proceeds.

Most candidates at the Novamedical Hair Transplant Clinic feel premature loss of their hair makes them appear older and affects their self-confidence. They want their appearance to reflect vitality and style to the world. They are busy professionals, A-list performers & CEOs.

FUE hair transplants deliver express recovery time and natural-looking results that may allow you a competitive edge at work and a more energetic appearance, without inconveniencing your life. People report a marked improvement in self-esteem, social confidence and quality of life once their hair is restored. 



• Random selection- donor follicles are extracted randomly and won’t leave a grid pattern or linear scalp scar.
• Specialized cooling and hydration systems protect donor grafts for higher success rates
• Rapid extraction reduces procedure time and improves survival rates.
• Precision allows for micro-punch hair follicle units that contain as few as 1-2 hairs. Graft donor sites measure less than 1 mm so they heal and blend in well.
• The least painful method thanks to atraumatic technique, topical and local anesthetic.
• Improved take rate- advanced FUE systems deliver at least 90% successful implantation that lasts.
• A completely natural result- now you can avoid the obvious hair transplant look with naturally placed micrografts that heal rapidly.
• Virtually invisible scarring- FUE utilizes small, micro-fine grafts that make scars nearly undetectable.


Dr. Michael Gartner is a leading hair transplant surgeon in NYC and double board certified as a plastic surgeon and general surgeon.

He prides himself on being detail-oriented and personalizing each patient case to meet their goals and enjoy their best possible results.

From in-depth, strategic planning to dedicated post-procedure care, his approach is always as minimally invasive as possible.

Dr. Gartner’s refined techniques combined with the newest robotic and digital equipment result in hair transplant outcomes that look exceptionally natural- not like hair transplants at all.


We’ve left lengthy, painful hair transplant recovery in the past. Dr. Gartner applies a topical scalp anesthetic to keep patients comfortable throughout their procedure. You’ll find you can relax with headphones or watch television while reclining in our comfortable, private clinic setting.

Donor hairs are taken from a robust hair growth area on the scalp (typically at the back and sides.) These hairs prove most resistant to DHT so they have good staying power where implanted.

Recovery care after FUE is relatively simple. You can expect mild swelling for a few days and you’ll be advised to treat the area gently, avoid infection risks and sun exposure.
The natural hair growth cycle means that new hairs can be seen by 3 months and continue to fill in, thickening over several months. A visible improvement is seen almost immediately and full results are realized within a year.

Patients can wash their hair and resume most activity within a few days. Healing time varies but FUE recovery is generally faster than strip methods.



Take years off your appearance & get your vigour back, turn heads with celebrity good looks.


Hair Transplant Process

The FUE process is an advanced next-generation hair transplant micro-surgery. Click on the steps to get a simplified overview. For more details particular to your case, please consult with our doctor.


Learn about the advanced hair transplant technology Called Follicular Unit Extraction